Taiwan: Microalgae protein as a liquid organic fertilizer

Taiwan: Microalgae protein as a liquid organic fertilizer

Published: 2020.01.02
Research Fellow
Agricultural Technology Research Institute, Taiwan R.O.C.

In Taiwan, Tai Jian Biotech Co., Ltd. have been developing their proprietary microalgae cell wall disruption technology, unique microalgae fermentation and extraction methods, which can be used to produce high nutritional value algae derived products. Alga Amine Fertilizer™ is a pH value 4.9 and liquid organic fertilizer product, which contains 60% animal and plant proteins, 16 amino acids (including 8 essential amino acids), Omega-3 (DHA, EPA), vitamin A~E, also is rich in minerals (Fe, Ca, Mg, P, Zn) and carotenoids.

Alga Amine Fertilizer ™ is an excellent formula for improving low-acid organic soils and promoting plant growth. This product received Taiwan's patent for soil improvement components and methods of promoting plant growth in 2017. In corn field test, the yield of Alga Amine FertilizerTM treatment group had 1.5 times more than untreated one. While applying to cherry tomatoes, the stem length had extend 43% compared to the untreated group.