Biofertilizers cut costs and GHG emissions for Brazilian soybean producers


Brazilian soybean producers have been highly successful in using genome technology to benefit their crops, with huge economic and environmental gains, a new paper highlights. Currently, the growers are using biofertilizer on 80% of their crops and their benefits are pushing scientists to develop new bioproducts for other crops as well.

Scientists in Brazil have developed a sort of “biological yogurt,” as the researcher Rafael de Souza calls it, a biological fertilizer that uses microorganisms instead of chemicals to help soybean crops grow stronger and healthier, in a cheaper and more sustainable way.

De Souza, a researcher from the State University of Campinas at the Genomics for Climate Change Research Center, has co-authored a recent study selecting 14 success stories that demonstrate the crucial role of microbiome research in agrifood systems.

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